Piercing Minor Consent Form
We do NOT pierce anyone under the age of 14 years old. We do not pierce anyone under the age of 16  years old. If you are under the age of 18, you MUST have a parental consent form notarized and completed.
You must have a VALID state or government issued I.D. in order to get pierced or tattooed. NO ID. NO PIERCING! IT IS THE LAW!!!
above mentioned picture ID is required for both the minor and parent/legal guardian, along with the consent form.
All piercings  performed on minors require the parent/legal guardian to be present in the room, during the procedure.
PIERCING: Under NO circumstance will the following piercings be done on minors:
Anything below the neck (Except the Navel.)
Tongue Piercings (16 and older)
Surface piercings
Any large gauge piercings

We Do Not Tattoo Minors.
Day 1- day 3. Keep bandage on. There will be a fluid buildup in the bandage as your plasma, blood and excess ink left in the few top layers of traumatized skin from the procedure will procure. This is a normal part of the process as your body is sending your white blood cells to heal the area. Shower as normal but avoid any soaking in water such as baths pools or jacuzzis. Take heed of any strenuous physical activity as to not flex or create sweat in the area for the duration of wearing the bandage. If you have any leakage, wipe down and away from the bandages area lightly with a damp paper towel. If the bandage starts to come off, exposing any part of the tattoo then go ahead and take the bandage off, as the sterile field the bandage provides is now compromised. Read below for instructions on that. 

Day 3: to take bandage off, soak in running warm/hot water and lightly lather with antibacterial liquid hand soap. Find a corner of the bandage and slowly peel off, let the water run between the bandage amd the skin to assist in a smooth removal process. Once the bandage is removed, lightly lather the tattooed area in warm water and liquid antibacterial soap, rinse and let air dry. Do not use any wash cloths, loofah, or other bathing aids to wash tattoo. Do not use any towels or paper products to dry tattoo. Let air dry. Once tattoo is dry, apply a thin layer of some type of advanced skin therapy hand lotion, such as lubriderm, Keri, eucerin, jergens etc. Please make sure lotion is not a fragranced/perfumed lotion. Massage lightly into tattooed area. 

Day 3-14 : or until tattoo feels smooth to the touch. Repeat washing twice a day and lotion application 5-8x throughout the day as needed. 

Do not rub pick scratch the tattooed area as this will take off scabbing parts of skin that are still protecting healing areas and will leave absence of color. You will notice some flaking, scaling, or small areas of scabbing. Again, do not pick scratch or rub off unless it comes off easily when applying lotion or washing. Always wash and apply lotion gently. Do not let tattoo submerge and soak in still standing water until healed (ocean, jacuzzi, pool, bath, washing sink. 

Do not apply any type of ointments (neosporin, aquaphor, vaseline) as the high petroleum mixture traps in body heat and body moisture, thus prolonging the healing process. Do not apply any type of sunscreens or lotions other than healing lotions until fully healed. 

Do not wear any type of tight or abrasive clothing on tattoo until healed. 

Tattoos usually take 2-4 weeks to fully heal. Everyone's skin is different and healed differently as this is never an exact science through process to healing. Environments vary. healing factors, humidity, immunities, vary from person to person but these outlined steps are pretty wide broading to everyone. Please be patient and careful with the healing process. Any questions dont hesitate to ask. gearheadtattoo@hotmail.com
Tattoo Aftercare